Writing into the springtime

lamppostHow do people keep up the momentum with their blogs? I’ve shovelled the dust and blown aside the tumbleweed to get back to this one, which has been sadly unloved while I’m up to the armpits in my latest novel project. At the same time my short story output has all but ground to zero – a shame because some of the best competitions come due this time of year, see below – but I do have some nice little writing titbits that I thought I’d share with you.

  • ‘writers are either bat-shit-crazy or masochists’ – aren’t we just? April’s brought a fair few rejections my way, and without a steady flow of new work to send out, it’s been tough to keep positive. So this ‘fictionalised essay’ from The Short Story perked me up a lot.
  • Cluster Catcher – this is an editing tool for finding ‘word echoes’ – words or phrases that you’re overusing. I’ve been meaning to have a play with it for a while but haven’t had a chance yet; like the idea though and I’ll be testing it when I’m further into my WIP. When I’ve had feedback on my work there’s often a word or phrase that I seemed to have got snagged on, to which I’m totally oblivious. Let me know if it works well for you.
  • Competitions: where to start? So many good ones have a closing date coming up over the next few days and weeks. A few of the best include: Bath (25 April), Exeter Story Prize (30 April), Bristol Prize (30 April), Yeovil Literary Prize (31 May), and Frome (31 May). Best of luck if you’re going for any or all.

I do have a couple of news snippets of my own. I was really pleased to hear yesterday that I’ve had a piece selected for the opening edition of Halo magazine – a new online publication of ‘illuminating women’s short fiction’ – more on that when it comes out.

And today I was excited to hear that InShort Stories, the publishers of my individual short Long Gone Mary, are about to launch a subscription service – love the idea of one of their gorgeous little yellow books coming through the post every month!


Enjoy the sunshine. Happy writing.


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