“Belief, feeling, memory, twisting them into skeins” – inspiration for a story


This beautiful image is part of a series of knotted tapestries – “The Witchcraft Series” – by the hugely talented textile artist Anne Jackson, which use language and image to explore the history and symbolism of witchcraft. I saw these works at an exhibition at the Museum in the Park in Stroud last year, and this piece in particular sparked the germ of an idea that became a story – Witches Sail in Eggshells – that went on to win the Local Prize in the 2018 Bath Short Story Prize. Continue reading ““Belief, feeling, memory, twisting them into skeins” – inspiration for a story”


‘Waiting For The Runners’ in Best British Short Stories 2018

img_3903.jpgIt’s not every day the novelist and SALT Publishing editor Nicholas Royle tweets that he’s enjoyed your story, even better when he sends a message later that day to say he’d like to include it in this year’s SALT anthology, Best British Short Stories 2018! That was some months ago, and yesterday this beautiful volume arrived. Continue reading “‘Waiting For The Runners’ in Best British Short Stories 2018”

Starting out: tips for new writing friends


So long since I wrote on this, I think a few moths flew out when I opened the page! Moved house and life took over, sorry.

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 has started happily and constructively for you. I’m doing ‘Dry Fortnight’ (I’m a realist), so mine has been marked by persistent grumpiness and a nagging craving for Waitrose’s Spanish Red. Continue reading “Starting out: tips for new writing friends”