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Piñata – Short Fiction by Chloe Turner

cock cakeEarlier this month I was very pleased to have a story published at the Mechanics’ Institute Review’s online home, MIROnline. I started out intending it to be a funny story, but evidently I have deep-seated feelings about children’s parties, and it rapidly turned dark! You can read Piñata here. Continue reading “Piñata – Short Fiction by Chloe Turner”

Starting out: tips for new writing friends


So long since I wrote on this, I think a few moths flew out when I opened the page! Moved house and life took over, sorry.

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 has started happily and constructively for you. I’m doing ‘Dry Fortnight’ (I’m a realist), so mine has been marked by persistent grumpiness and a nagging craving for Waitrose’s Spanish Red. Continue reading “Starting out: tips for new writing friends”

The Figures Slumbering


A few weeks back, I was thrilled to hear that my novel The Figures Slumbering – the love story of two artists – had been shortlisted for this year’s Impress Prize (the Impress Books award, “created to discover and publish new writing talent in fiction and non-fiction”). The competition winner, whose book will go on to be published by Impress Books, will be decided by a panel of judges on 28th September. Meanwhile, book bloggers including the literary fiction blog Book & Brew have been interviewing the shortlisted writers. You can read all about The Figures Slumbering, some writing tips I’ve found valuable in my writing journey so far, and an unfortunate anecdote about a canal, a bike and a dead piglet, in their interview here!