‘Waiting For The Runners’ in Best British Short Stories 2018

img_3903.jpgIt’s not every day the novelist and SALT Publishing editor Nicholas Royle tweets that he’s enjoyed your story, even better when he sends a message later that day to say he’d like to include it in this year’s SALT anthology, Best British Short Stories 2018! That was some months ago, and yesterday this beautiful volume arrived.

As you can see, it’s quite the line-up – such a thrill to be published alongside so many writers I admire.


Waiting For the Runners was first published last year by TSS Publishing, as one of a series of six individual chapbooks. Set on Wotton Hill, Gloucestershire, the story explores an encounter between a woman and the ‘other woman’ for whom her husband left her, after that relationship too has broken down and the two women have ended up back in the same small town. Awkward enough that their paths have crossed, but with a friendship developing between their teenage sons, it was inevitable that sooner or later this confrontation would come.


Best British Short Stories 2018 is available now from SALT Publishing, priced £9.99.

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