Whose story is it anyway?


CHRIST, IS IT NOT HARD ENOUGH just getting the words down?!

This week I’ve been troubled by three new worries to add to the ongoing horror of the blank page (and mind).

Firstly, I read an excellent piece in women’s writing magazine Mslexia (Issue 71) about plagiarism – not just the blatant variety, which is obviously easy to avoid, but the horror phenomenon of cryptomnesia, ‘the technical term for the process whereby forgotten material is experienced as new when it resurfaces in a person’s consciousness.’ In her fascinating piece, Debbie Taylor Continue reading “Whose story is it anyway?”


The Ugly Duckling

15290554956_29878d33a0_kThe first edition of a new magazine for women’s literary writing – Halo (definitely not an ugly duckling!) – came out today, and it’s beautiful. The focus is on ‘illuminating’ women’s fiction, and I’m really proud to have a piece of flash fiction – While the Mynah Bird Watched – up there (see p.61). Continue reading “The Ugly Duckling”